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released January 1, 2012

Attila Bakos - vocals, guitars, synth, programming, lyrics
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Attila Bakos in Biatorbágy, 2011
Photography by Andrea Takács
Artwork & design by Gyula Havancsák


all rights reserved



Taranis Hungary

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Track Name: Storm
It started with silence, when I was alone, as never before...
Submerging horizons, bondage is gone, and I'm not on a run
Dreams of the past are now fading, noone is here, and nothing is near
I'm not desperate so I will do whatever it takes to follow the road

Found my peace in the voidness, nothing I have now, but nothing is lost
I am the veil of wholeness, under my wings you'll be free at last
Cold is the air that I'm breathing, the world gives me warmth, with every beat of the heart
Filling my veins with grandness, we are for a lifetime, together alone

My powers I've hidden will rise
Fragments of my soul unite
A merciless storm you will ride
To cleanse my kingdom from
Sick revelations, unwelcomed beings
Crush them to ashes, praise, praise the lust for slaughter
Unleash the hellhounds, release your thunders
Every men shall know, that I, I am the ruler of my own land

Why all the efforts to use me as your slave
I can offer nothing, but torment and decay
Why all the trials to silence all my words
I will always speak the truth no matter if it hurts
I could be your mirror, a window to the world,
You don't dare to face it, you wallow in the dirt
Tired of all these games, I will leave you on your own
Freedom awaits me, a kingdom emerging from the Sun

With all the pain, the tears you shed
You breed the soil, your child is fed
You see your way now, just one step ahead
You carry the essence, now rise, rise up from the dead!

Together we will make this kingdom shine
Now I can see your light, you're so alive
Build a world of unearthly design
I will not let it fall, will stand my ground
Eternal is the life we live,
Time can not tear apart, 'cause we are bound
To this moment that we are,
Where I have you by my side, I feel so alive

Like drops in the sea drifted into waves
My words are forming the question of all
Whenever I'm lonely I ask you the same
Will I hear you answer it all

Will I feel, will I see
Will I ever have you here with me
Will you feel, will you see
Will you ever choose to be one with me

And here I am so alone
Will I ever reach your hand
Will you feel the warmth
Of my ever burning heart
Will I see your face
Will I hold you in my arms
Do you dream of me
That our souls become as one
Track Name: Dominion
I see a land, forged by the hand
Of the king born from Heaven's descent
Bringer of light, a man full of might
Whom no living dare to withstand

And so here I crave for one final wave
To cleanse this world from despair
His blood in my veins, is all that remains
The truth of his words I'll declare

Chaos may deprave my home
And sorrow may blacken my heart
But I will bring justice and stand for the truth
So you don't have to live in the dark

Each of these steps that you take
Will grant you the freedom of art
Of expressing yourself like you never did before
So the pain will not tear you apart

Behold, the law of the lord
Forget now, all you've been told
My kingdom is open to all
Hear me, and embrace my call
Your soul is made to be free
Your heart will guide you to me
Your mind will blaze you a trail
Stand up and cut through the veil

Come forth, now come forth my glory
You are the one, you're the only
Join me and I will be truly
More than you crave for and you'll see
It's always me

I bring you wisdom, I come when you call
I will be there when the world tends to fall
I am the shadow of infinite time
I am the moment eternal, I can not die

I bring you flame when you're shaking with cold
I will be there when your body grows old
I am the potion reviving your day
I am the one who will take you, carry away
Track Name: Glory
So many lives I have spent to walk this world
Sacrificed myself with every single birth
So many times I have left my sacred home
I still love the Earth wherever I may roam

I will give you flame from the fountain of all light
It burns up my soul, I can not hide it's might
I will give you power, the blaze of true delight
It boils up my veins, inflames me from inside

Nothing will remain, but the silence of my words
My old self is dying, there's no way to reverse
I can't bear the tension, I can no longer hold
My world is collapsing, a new will be born, explode!

Melting with fire, I am the stellar choir
Standards now higher, conformed to your desire
Wisdom is order, it's crossing every border
Arranging the matter, unearthly seed I scatter
I am the sanctum, a cure to all affliction
I am your freedom, your heaven-born addiction
I am the holy revelaer of your glory
I want to see you shine before I fade away

The world is full of light as we reunite
I know you can feel me as you watch the sky at night
Hear the voice inside holding you so tight
One day you will breath the sunlight with me by your side

Still I'm waiting for you, like sunflowers at night do
Every gleam I turn to gives hope that I am near you
All I am is blazing, but it's cold here, I'm freezing
All I do is craving for the one I am reflecting

Still I'm breathing, still I'm healing the wound that once did make us two
I'm tired really and I lost my faith a thousand times, I was without you
No more waiting, I won't search for you 'cause it's killing me and rips the love out too
I remember, I will always do, we are bound together, me and you...
Track Name: Origin
Memories of the Earth I recall
Those old times we were chasing our fall
We were born from the inventor of all
To dream a world and create eternal

Visions we brought to this land
Raised a kingdom for us to expand
We were lively we dared to dream grand
We did not know it was all built on sand
We couldn't know

Shine in ecstasy, you're one with me
Feed me sensuality, until I embrace your heart for real
And fly you up so high, that you can see
It's all that we want it to be, the world is our dream,
But will we ever see home

Could I ever make you feel there's no reason to hide
Could you ever kiss the soil as a mother her child

Dive into the sea and let us be
Seeds of our reality, growing the world as one, as free
Reaching up so high, that we can see
We are what we wanted to be, we're living the dream,
But will we ever feel home

We tried and tried until the daylight died
Then we entreated the night to give us one more sight of
The million colours the million lives that we
Spread through all the world with lucid wings unfurled
With stories never heard, we gave you it all
Until the day there was nothing to say anymore
We tried to find a soul alight but all we saw was night
'Cause we were already blind
How could we know that it's all just illusion
That we are all that is and nothing's here to seize
Nothing gives me peace, embrace me now for real

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